The Best Online Casinos for Real Money (2021) | Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, Poker

This is the tale of 3 different Casinos in the Caribbean and Central America with decidedly different approaches to online gambling although all three offer the same opportunities to win online casino real money.

The three casinos are Ignition Casino, based in Costa Rica, Cafe Casino, also based in Costa Rica, and Big Spin which is based in Curacoa and officially part of the Netherlands.

Of the three, Big Spin Casino, established in 2018, is much smaller. While it offers great live play, which is its forte, Big Spin features only 47 slot machines. Via comparison, Ignition casino features slot machines of 250 varieties and Cafe Casino features 200 slot game varieties.

So if slots are your thing and you want to win online slots real money, either Ignition Casino or Cafe Casino is your localities.

Also, it is a good idea to do research on the slot machine you want to play, if slots are your thing, to find out the return to player percentage.

Since all three offer live gambling, therefore the majority of our review will concern the opportunity to win online blackjack real money, online roulette real money, and online casino real money via poker.

But First, a Few Words about Licensing and which Players are accepted and excluded at each casino.

At both Ignition Casino and ├žafe Casino, USA players are allowed. Finding a casino that accepts USA players is extremely important because the majority of licensed casinos follow the European Approach.

USA players are not allowed at Big Spin Casino, while UK players, players from Canada, along with players from Germany are allowed.

Ignition Casino, in addition to allowing US players, allows Australia players while Big Spin Casino does not.

Cafe Casino has chosen to be the most restrictive of all, concentrating entirely on the USA market.

It should be noted why US players have such a difficult time finding an online casino to play, and the answer is that technically, online gambling was discouraged but not prohibited by The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006.

When this law was passed, most online casinos excluded the US market, however, the law only referred to financial transactions concerning online gambling casinos. Deposits were perfectly okay.

However, most casinos who accept US players have found a big loophole. If they don't pay out winnings directly but rather use a third party to arrange the payouts, then it's perfectly legal, which is one reason why casinos that payoff US winnings tend to take a couple of extra days processing to go through the middle man.

However, it is extremely important that you follow the rules of who is authorized to play at the casino, otherwise, they can legally accept your deposits but not allow you to withdraw your deposits or pay out your winnings.

Thus, you don't want to just hop on the internet, search for the closest online casino near me, and deposit money with them.

The object is to win online gambling real money, not to lose online gambling real money right from the start.

Remember, the closest does not mean best. The best casino has the gaming you want to play. Also, the best casino makes prompt payouts.

As far as a deposit bonus is concerned, all casinos offer a bonus so that should not be your concern as to the best sites to gamble at. Choose sites that not only are you authorized to gamble at but have great games of chance.

When choosing online casino games real money look for great, low house edge games such as blackjack, craps, baccarat, and poker.

These games give you a very realistic chance to win online casinos real money.

Playing low house edge games offers you the best casino online real money odds, as low as .5 percent for blackjack.

Finally, more about poker. All three casinos offer low stake poker games, and with some exceptions, in playing poker you play against other players, not the house. This greatly increases your odds of winning as your skills at poker accelerate.